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Are you getting the best deal for your auto insurance coverage? Most people would like to think that they are, but there are many easy ways to save more on your automobile insurance that people have no idea about. Others simply don’t have the time to find it for themselves, but here at Free Insurance, we want to help you get in the know.

The first place to look at for savings on your car insurance is, well, your car. As auto buyers, we look for a car that has solid safety features to protect ourselves and our passengers. These same safety features can also save you money on your car insurance. Does your car have ABS brakes? Dual Air-Bags? Side Bags? Crumple-front protection? Alarm system? Any of these features could allow you to reduce your auto insurance costs. When you are getting your free auto insurance quote, be sure to list all of the safety features that are on your automobile.

Nothing will save more on your car insurance premiums than having a clean driving record. This is the most obvious way to save on auto insurance; however, it is also the most overlooked and abused. Next time you are in a rush to get somewhere and you catch yourself going 50 in a 30, think about how much your ticket will cost you. No, not just the $150 for the actual ticket, but the jump in your insurance if you get pulled over or cause an accident. Not a pretty thought.

Auto insurance has many numbers associated with it and the one where you can save yourself the most money is in the deductible. Now, it is important to understand one fundamental rule about auto insurance costs – the lower the deductible, the higher the premiums. In other words, if your deductible allows you to only pay $200 in costs before the insurance covers the remainder, the insurer has more to worry about in terms of actual coverage costs that may arise. Therefore, they will want to collect more in premiums to ensure that if that day came, they would never pay more than they collected from you.

With this in mind, ask about raising the deductible as much as possible when getting your free auto insurance quote. Just as the premiums go up with a lower deductible, they also go down with a higher deductible. If you are a safe driver and take good care of your vehicle, chances are you will never need the coverage for actual claims. By keeping the low premiums, you will have saved yourself a ton in the end.

For more information about auto insurance take a look around at the resources available on Free Insurance If you’re ready to get your free auto insurance quote, take advantage here.

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